Since the launch of Maths for Schools in 2008,


maths questions have been asked - how many have you done?


Maths for Schools is a time saving learning and assessment tool providing you with accurate and reliable outcomes.

Accurate and reliable assessment built on 14 years use throughout the UK

Range of report types allow for focused, personalised teaching

Strong feedback provides firm basis for reporting to parents and for planning future teaching

Reduced paperwork means less marking and collating of information as the system does it for you - we take the pain out of paperwork!


Maths for Schools will motivate and engage your pupils and encourage them to become active participants in their learning.

Stimulating questions increase motivation and enjoyment

Wide variety of response types maintains and encourages engagement

Immediate assessment and feedback provides encouragement and positive reinforcement

Voiceovers for all questions aids students with reading difficulties and those for whom English is a second language


Maths for Schools contains unique features and allows both teacher and pupil to perform a comprehensive review of pupil performance.

Adaptive assessment offers detailed diagnostic feedback motivates students to improve and informs teachers of strengths and weaknesses

Formative assessment enables teachers to provide feedback to students encouraging and enabling the student to improve their own performance

Enhances learning and informs teaching with frequent short assessments allowing students and teachers to adjust the teaching and learning experience to provide the most benefit to all.

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